Expertise in PV Solar Energy Technology


PV Technology

  • 25 years laboratory and factory experience in crystalline silicon PV technology 
  • Experience in both thin-film and concentrator cell technology 
  • Managed research contracts ranging from silicon ribbon technology through advanced high efficiency cells and emerging organic, polymer and nano-composite devices 


Technology Transfer

  • Established BP Solar’s first cell production facility in Spain (1985) based on technology transferred from an Australian manufacturing facility 
  • Developed the laser grooved buried contact (LGBC) cell technology from a laboratory process to a successful and highly regarded product (Saturn) that for a decade from 1992 was the world’s highest efficiency solar module in volume production with cumulative sales of $400 million. 
  • Demonstrated the first commercial coloured cell modules that were sold in 1996 
  • Developed 20% efficient concentrator cells that have been used in both Fresnel lens and parabolic reflector systems

Project Management

  • Experience in the specification, design and commissioning of both PV cell production facilities and new technology. Familiar with the leading equipment manufacturers.  Experience in tool selection 
  • Extensive experience of peer reviews and project stage-gate reviews for new plant build and plant expansions on four continents 
  • Initiated, negotiated and participated in fifteen EU and UK government funded projects

Portfolio Management

  • Managed a portfolio of 20 technology projects for BP Solar for risk-reward profile, resource management, budget planning and scheduling with focus on minimising time-to-market 
  • Developed and presented training courses in project and portfolio management 
  • Developed and managed a process for the assessment and ranking of project proposals for both internal and external projects funded by BP Solar 
  • Managed the annual assessment and awarding of Future Technology contracts at leading universities and research institutes that were funded by BP Solar 


  • 48 scientific publications on aspects of PV, 7 scientific publications on other topics 
  • 2 worldwide patents 
  • Industrial supervisor for PhD research 

Public Sector

  • Chair PV Science, Applications & Technology Conference 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Member UK Department Energy & Climate Change Innovation Task Force for Solar PV Innovation
  • Contributed to both the UK Government and EU Commission policy initiatives 
  • Active contributor to the publication of the UK’s Roadmap for PV 
  • Co-author of A Strategic Research Agenda for the European PV Technology Platform 
  • Presentation on PV to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
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last update 10 Oct 2016