PV Consulting Limited was established in February 2008 to provide specialist expertise in photovoltaic (PV) solar electricity technology.

Dr Nigel B Mason BSc PhD CChem FRSC has 37 years experience in the PV industry, the major part of which was gained with BP Solar where he was Chief Technologist before leaving in Jan 2008 to establish PV Consulting.

Following an appointment as Research Fellow at the University of Vermont, USA, Nigel started his PV career in the UK with Johnson Matthey (1981) working on the impurity specification for semiconductor materials used in the Cu2S/CdS thin film solar cell. In 1985 he moved to BP Research and in that year commissioned BP Solar's first screen print c-Si solar cell factory in Alcobendas, Spain.

During a three year position as Project Manager at BP Solar Australia, Nigel led the development of a manufacturing process for the Laser Grooved Buried Contact (LGBC) solar cell and then transferred the technology to production in Spain. In 1992 he returned to the UK to support the development of BP Solar's Apollo CdTe thin film technology.

From 1995-2003 Nigel held various positions at BP Solar's European Technology Centre in the UK developing high efficiency crystalline silicon PV cells. This included a post as Technology Manager for the construction of BP Solar's high efficiency cell facility in Tres Cantos (Madrid). From 2004-2007 he managed BP Solar's long-term Future Technology programme in Europe through advanced projects in leading univerities and research institutes and established a framework for portfolio management of all BP Solar's R&D activity.

Nigel is a member of the Executive Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry Energy Sector with special remit for Renewables. He is a member of the Solar Energy Society (UK) and Chair of the society's annual PVSAT conferences 2015-18. He is co-chair of the Sêr Cymru Solar Advisory Board and a member of the Industrial Advisory Panel for The Centre for Doctoal Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics.

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